Your Ethos: Define it, Live it (and Gift it!)

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An ethos serves as an important guide for how we choose to behave, and how we behave directly impacts the world’s perception of us. By committing yourself and/or your business to upstanding values, you’ll better connect with people and the world around you. Extra bonus: we’ve got your back to perfectly pair your ethos and gifts!

An ethos is an internal golden compass—it keeps us morally on track, leading the way (always up, right?) and guiding our decisions. How we behave as humans or a business directly impacts the world’s opinion of us. So living and working in alliance with an uplifting ethos benefits you and everyone else.

Think of an ethos like a gentle hand leading you on a path to live with intention and implement choices that benefit greater humanity. Along that path, as you practice the ethos, you begin to grow and glow with positivity. That’s when the goodness multiplies—you, your employees, friends, family, and your community shines too.

What’s Ours, You Ask?
Ethos, in Greek, means “character.” In modern use, this applies to how an individual chooses to believe or act, how a business determines its “causes” and cultural framework, and the way in which a group of people creates values and community.

Here’s a quick, broad summation of Delightly’s ethos: do good, gift well, and give back.

In more detail, we gift it forward. Every year we donate a percentage of our profits, as well as volunteer our time and resources to help instill hope, dignity, and purpose in the lives of children. We do this by partnering with charitable organizations that engage young people in the areas of education, public health, social justice, and environmental preservation.

This high-level mission, at its base, provides a solid foundation and allows everyone in our company to take action, connecting with each other and our local community. Our ethos is driven by “heart,” and we’re committed to making it a focal point of our business.

Find Yours
If you’re an individual looking for a light to guide your actions, finding your ethos is a brilliant idea. But for businesses, considering today’s social climate, it’s absolutely essential. An article from Forbes states that it should be a “key priority for leaders right now” because it allows your employees and customers to align with your values, creating high levels of loyalty.

Here are some questions to consider when formulating your ethos:

§ Why did I begin this journey / start this business?
§ What core values do I want to uphold (throw your heart into this one)?
§ How do I support people around me in a healthy, productive way?
§ Who am I trying to connect with, and how can I best serve them?
§ Can I actually practice the values I’m laying out?
§ How can I put this ethos into action?

Reflect on what means the most to you, find your “why,” research, and finalize an ethos statement only when it radiates positive energy. If it truly inspires you, you’ll live by it.

Gift With Intention

Because our ethos means so much to us, we can’t wait to help you support yours through purposeful gifting. Every gift kit we prepare for you can define and promote your values. You + us = gifting magic.

You can request kit items only from minority-owned businesses, made in the USA, or products from small businesses in your area. Or maybe your business wants to show support for ethically-sourced products only. You name it, we have the connections to make it happen—any of your social responsibility or diversity, equity, and inclusion pledges can easily be mirrored in our product sourcing.

An ethos has high-reaching goals, but remember that the small, collective moments and actions add up quickly. The key is to back up everything you do with the foundational values you stand on. Make the commitment to define it, live it, and gift it. The good you do today leads us all to a more promising tomorrow.

At Delightly we pour our heart, souls, and expertise into gifting it right every time. Read about who we are and check out our customizable gift sets to reflect and support your ethos.

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