Hey HR—We Got You!

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HR responsibilities go well beyond hiring and benefits. Explore how HR Pro's ensure their spirits stay in tip-top shape and increase productivity.
Written by: Lindsay Merdzinski

We love our Delightly Human Resources team. They’re always finding creative ways to engage and support our employees, adding joy to their days. These HR superstars, just like you, know their jobs extend far beyond hiring and benefits—they’re all about building unity and respect, and creating a healthy, inclusive work environment. And they know that all of these things are realized through strong connections.

We understand that HR can be a tough role at times, and we’re here to support you. To make your job a little easier, and to help your workforce feel valued, motivated, and ready to take on the world, we’ve compiled a few inspiring ideas to bring warmth to each and every moment…and we know these sunny vibes will really heat up productivity.

Sun’s Up—Listen Up!

A great way to start the day is to ask how employees are doing, and truly listen to what they have to say. Find out what makes them tick as individuals and take an authentic interest in who they are as humans. Also be willing to listen when they voice job or workplace concerns—you know the difference between complaining and legitimate issues, so when someone truly needs your ear, listen up.

Incentivize and Watch Them Shine

One clear way to increase productivity is to implement incentive programs. A LinkedIn article states, “Incentive programs are popular tools that let employees have a clear goal in their job and get warranted rewards for the work that they do.”

Rewards can come in many forms—It could be as simple as leaving early on a Friday. However, fun surprises, bonuses, extra vacation days, raises, gift cards, health and wellness gifts, or professional development opportunities are some beloved options, too.

Don’t forget to include internal advancements in your basket of shiny incentives. This motivates team members to stay with your company, and you’ll have to do less hiring!

The Grass Isn’t Greener

Offering employees a flexible schedule, including an option for some remote work, remains a great productivity booster. According to a Global Workplace Analytics study, “82% of U.S. employees want to work remotely at least once a week,” and “35% of employees would change jobs for the opportunity to work remotely full-time.” Further, “flexibility is one of the highest-ranked benefits by Millennials,” and it ranks highly for older workers as well.

Find a balance between what an employee needs and what their job requires. Doing so should increase happiness, decreasing the chances of them looking for greener grass somewhere else.

Lift Them Up; Watch Them Show Up

A dynamic work environment starts with a team that scaffolds one another, lifting and supporting each other to build a strong structure of unity. So if you provide ways to help lift them up, they’re bound to show up.

Set aside time to nurture connections and togetherness. Think about planning a monthly lunch gathering, or “learning lunches” where you bring in a motivational speaker. Friday happy hours are always a hit, as well as wellness challenges, group sporting events and healthy competitions/games. And make sure to always bring the team together to celebrate individual achievements.

You Got This!

We know that supporting your team is your number one priority. You’re an HR pro—an innovative leader who shows up every single day, adding quality to each employee’s experience. We appreciate all you do, and we hope these bright ideas help motivate and inspire your employees.  

*Whether you’re looking to create a memorable onboarding program or make your workforce feel valued, we’ve got the people, process and products to support and delight every step of the way!

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