Why Building a Culture of Amazingness Matters

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Trying to keep your employees engaged, happy and alongside you for the long haul? Then identify and build an amazing culture that resonates with your entire team. Here we’ve put together high-fiving, culture-creating tips to get your business a few steps closer to retaining the employees you need.
Written by: Your Gifting Gurus

Let’s begin this culture discussion with honesty.

Retention is challenging stuff. Now more than ever business owners are losing employees to other companies—more money, more vacation, a better benefit package. It’s tough to compete. But the Great Resignation isn’t only because people are getting more perks. According to a SHRM Executive Network article, “right now, company culture is the most important aspect of job satisfaction as employees decide to stay or leave.”

That’s why a vibrant work place culture needs to shout “Amazing!” Satisfaction = retention. Plain and simple. Your team needs a culture built on depth and quality, and to achieve that, you have to put in the work.


If You Build it…

Work place culture carries incredible weight because employees need connections; they thrive when working collectively to produce something of value and significance. 

Delightly, as a company, believes in creating connections via a strong and uplifting culture, and that’s what we focus on every day. To give you some food for thought, here’s a quick summation of our work place culture:

We love having fun. Our teams genuinely like each other, and enjoy working on big projects, as well as socializing. One of our core values is integrity—the way we conduct business is integral to offering products with quality and reliability. We have a small business vibe with a substantial global reach. And because we’ve been in the recognition industry for decades, we have strong confidence in our capabilities and staying power.

There really isn’t too much fluff there, right? An amazing culture doesn’t need to be verbose, overly complicated, or excessively ambitious. But it must stand on a foundation of truth and understanding. If you build a meaningful culture, they will come, and they will stay.

High-Fiving Ways to Build it Right

High fives signify accomplishment and success. That’s why we’ve pulled together these five tips to start building your culture from the ground up. Spend time going in-depth in each area—questions may spur other questions, and that’s okay. You’re crafting a significant piece of your business’s story, and you want to feel like high-fiving when it’s done: 

  1.   Evaluate: Begin laying the groundwork by asking yourself these questions: Why was this business started? What’s your ethos? (read this blog to help you with that one) How do you want “community” to feel within your work environment? How do you see your employees putting this culture into action? How do you, as a leader, see yourself supporting the culture?
  2.   Create: Structure matters, so continue building the base by engaging everyone on your team. Find out what means the most to them—ask what makes them feel included, validated, appreciated, and nurtured. How do they see themselves putting a meaningful culture into action? And definitely ask what you can be doing better as their leader.
  3.   Communicate: The framework has been built, so set your culture into play by communicating it loud and clear to everyone on the team. A perfect way to do this is to curate a special gift that speaks directly to the culture you aim to embrace. You’re a great leader, and you lead by showing them the way.
  4.   Elevate: Keep the culture alive and well by constantly elevating it through actions. Set goals that empower your team. Do they want to learn and grow? Then give them personal or professional development opportunities. Find ways to boost morale by consistently recognizing and appreciating them. Work together, be inclusive, and constantly communicate to ensure the culture is felt and embraced by everyone.
  5.   Celebrate: Find cause for celebration even if it’s not a monumental moment. A handful of seemingly ho-hum tasks still leads to big wins. Invest in your employees and positivity will shine through every day.


You’ve Got This

We all know that an employee’s feelings about their day-to-day work can change on a dime. But with a stable and dynamic work place culture, their feelings about who they’re working for will always stand on solid ground.   

Now it’s time to start hammering away, and we’d love to help. We’re experts in appreciation, and we take pride in helping other businesses create connections with their employees. Reach out to us, and we’ll give you the perfect tools to support your newly created culture of amazingness.

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