PayPal - Corporate Gifting for Every Occasion

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The best corporate gifts amplify your purpose and core values.

Delightly's Corporate Gifting for Every Occasion: A Case Study for PayPal

Client Background:

PayPal, a leading online payment service provider, sought to implement an ongoing recognition program to show appreciation to its valued employees. The client desired a program that would provide the latest and greatest curated components that complemented their regional teams, seasons and special events.

Corporate Gifting in need of more delight:

Delightly, a company known for its expertise in corporate gifting, was engaged to provide customized gift kits to meet PayPal's employee engagement and special event celebrations. Delightly worked closely with PayPal to understand their corporate culture, values and employee preferences. Special events provide a great way to gift year-round and motivate employees to encourage employee culture and fun in the workplace.

Happy Gifting solutions:

The Delightly team began curating a selection of high-quality gifts that would resonate with PayPal employees. The gifts were thoughtfully chosen to reflect the company's purpose and core values. Each kit included a fully custom box and a personalized note expressing gratitude for the employee's contribution to the company's success. The kits contained items that resonated with Paypal's culture, such as branded merchandise and office essentials. The seasonal components included items like gourmet snacks, beverages, and personalized items that helped Paypal show their appreciation to their employees in a unique and meaningful way.

  • Ongoing recognition program to appreciate their valued employees
  • Client desired the latest and greatest curated components that complemented their regional teams, seasons, and special events
  • Joyfully delivered 680 custom kits to employees’ doorsteps and regional locations

Building great teams starts with amplifying your gifting purpose with curated kits that hit the sweet spot for those “Grand Slam home runs” and “Super Bowl performance stakes” to gift like you mean it for every reason in any season.

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    Just because you can't appreciate your out of office team members in person, doesn't mean you can't show it!