First Impressions Count: Designing a Memorable New Hire Welcome Kit

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We’re a relatively humble bunch here at Delightly, but we definitely give ourselves a hefty pat on the back when it comes to making lasting memories. We love knowing that our service and products bring delight, cheek-to-cheek smiles, and long-lasting gratitude to the workplace and beyond. We’ve received praise from companies big and small, especially in response to our custom-built, new hire welcome kits. These kits truly make those first days shine bright, and give your newest team member something to cheer about from the get-go.

And what’s best is we have the customization process so dialed in you barely need to lift a finger!

Here’s a great case study for reference: not long ago Amazon asked us to help them design a kit they could use to thank their employees—a gift that aligned with their innovative and high-level performance values. The goal: to have a gift kit pre-produced, at the ready, to send out on an as-needed basis.

Again, humility aside, we pulled it off in perfect style, giving Amazon an authentic, unique go-to kit that matched their beliefs and spread appreciation throughout their company. So far, over 500 gifting smiles have been delivered to support their internal business efforts.

The Impact of Positive Memories

Really, how great will it be when your new hire’s first impression is one filled with pure happiness and total admiration? A successful onboarding process, including adding special details that set you apart, will be reflected in employee loyalty and retention.

The impact of a positive onboarding experience speaks loud and clear. Harvard Business Review quoted a source that reports “51% of employees say they’d go ‘above and beyond’ in their work if they had a good onboarding experience.” Further, they state half of new hires already think about leaving their jobs, especially based on “feeling undertrained due to poor onboarding.”

Clearly, the key is building a solid onboarding program—be prepared, have all your ducks in a row, and make an impression that sticks.

Your Dream Team

From start to finish, our Custom Curation Team is your partner. We’re here to help you create the most memorable new hire gift kit; one that represents just how distinct and dynamic your business is. We have a tried-and-true experience, handling your goals, staying within budget, and meeting your timelines.

A few words about customization—the sky’s the limit! Aim high with things like:

  • Fully curated kits to compliment your ethos
  • Kits based on locally-produced products
  • Custom cards to add wow-inducing gratitude
  • Custom crinkle that makes your brand colors pop
  • A logo to keep the focus on your business

To tie a beautiful ribbon on the experience, we’ll assign you your own Account Manager to ensure every detail is covered. Your new hire will stand in awe of how you have it all together, making their first impression last a lifetime.

Ready to get started? Let’s knock this out of the park together!

If you can dream it, we can do it, so let your imagination run free. No matter the request, we’ll handle the entire process, so you can enjoy all the glory.

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