Unveiling the Ultimate New Employee Welcome Kit: Elevate Your Onboarding Experience

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Nothing beats a warm welcome, and wowing your new hires the moment they step through the door will generate benefits beyond your dreams. Picture this: you’re a nervous new employee, concerned about your debut performance, knowing that your first time “on stage” is a make-or-break moment. Do you think your jitters would go away being greeted with a pile of paperwork to fill out, or being showered with the ultimate new employee welcome kit that brings an instant smile to your face?

Not a hard choice, right?

Stats prove it—elevating your onboarding experience pays back in limitless dividends. According to this Oak Engage article and Bamboo HR, “new employees with good onboarding experiences are 18x more committed to their employer.” We take these stats seriously, knowing that making your new hire’s first day memorable will get things rockin’ and rollin’ in the just-right tune.

Welcome to the Team, Rockstar!

You see it—your new hire is a total rock star. They’re bright-eyed and can’t wait to belt out their favorite songs (i.e., topnotch skills). You chose this person for a good reason, so keep the spotlight on them for a long time, letting them bask in the glory of the amazing position they’ve landed.

Do not let them wither on stage! Your goal is to ensure they feel confident and prepared for encore performances every day, and this takes long-term commitment.  

How about starting their tour with a star-studded opening act, like some office essentials? You can even have this perfect Welcome to the Team kit delivered right to their home as a pre-onboarding surprise! They’ll be thrilled and so impressed by your thoughtfulness even before day one.

Help Them Thrive During Onboarding

We’ve all said the phrase before, “If I can just get through this first week…” Starting a new job is notoriously difficult even in the best of circumstances, so if you can help your new employee thrive, it’ll elevate their entire experience moving forward.

Thriving means they feel appreciated, instantly welcome, and a vital part of the team. Carve out time to unveil the first-day experience with authentic engagement so your new hire feels that special bond of inclusivity.

Sound check! Our wonderfully curated, Onboarding Survival Kit is a perfectly uplifting way to set the tone. It features a soft-touch journal, a fancy Citron Ballpoint Pen, yummy Cheddar Popcorn, Glee Gum, and a super-handy, retractable Flint lint roller (so long dog/cat hair!). You can personalize this one, too, adding that extra mic drop moment.

You Have the Gifting Power

Let’s go back to putting yourself in your new hire’s shoes. Imagine the uncertainty, not feeling familiar with anything or anyone, and thinking the plug might be pulled at any point. This is where the power of gifting can instantly alleviate those uncertainties. Gifts, especially during onboarding, have been shown to elevate motivation, productivity, and morale, paving a path to healthy employer-employee relationships.

So let’s get this show on the road! We’re here to help amplify your onboarding voice—microphone in hand, ready for a duet, and grooving with the best appreciation products on the market. Our new employee welcome kits always elevate and set the stage for the perfect onboarding experience.

Your new rock star deserves a first day to remember—give them a showstopper that will have them singing your praises today and for years to come. 


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