Gifts Tell Stories: What’s Yours?

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When we gift, the story you want to tell should always shine through—the who and the why, along with all the little, sparkling details that make it uniquely yours and theirs. Here you’ll find tips for finding your story, as well as a delightful product guide, to help you gift like you mean it.
Gifting dates back eons. From cave people to the Egyptians to modern day society, humans have always delighted in the act of giving and receiving. Gifts, though, have become far too mundane (less “wow,” and a lot more gift cards). That’s why telling a story through gifting has never been more essential for creating deeper connections.

So let’s get to work. You’ve got people, and a story to tell. And we’ve got all the gifts. It’s like a match straight out of a fairy tale!

What’s the Story?
No matter who you’re giving to, a storied gift makes people feel truly seen, building strong plot lines of connection. A gifting story should feel historical, like you’ve known your recipient forever, and the theme needs to fit the occasion perfectly. Wrap that up with joy, quality, and a beautiful keepsake box, and you’ve got yourself a best seller.

The moral of the story? Always be genuine—gift in a way that feels true to the moment, to them, and, of course, to you.

Gift Like You Mean it
As you begin the gifting process, think with intention. Ask: “What’s the occasion? What’s my recipient’s personality, hobbies, or favorite things? What can I give that characterizes the why in this story? How can I curate this gift to ensure maximum impact and long-lasting memories?

By the time you hand over that gift, you should be smiling just as much as they are. Take pride knowing that you paid extra attention to the details and that your gift illustrates how much they mean to you.

They’re Gonna be Delighted
You want a gift that brings joy, builds connection and strengthens relationships. We get it, and that’s why with Delightly, there’s only the right gift. We employ the best in the business to thoughtfully curate every one of our gift kits to match any reason or any season—no bland or boring here!

Below you’ll find a few options that are delighting people all over the world: 

Quick Ship Kits: ready to go, with a sentiment to match. Some of our favorites include the “Give Back,” “Inspired Leader,” and
“You Are Magical” kits.

Personalized Kits: offers a customizable item, personalized card and your logo on the box. We recommend “Office Essentials,” “Thanks + Gratitude,” the “Recognition” tool kit, and “Pure Awesome.”

Custom Kits: corporate gifting for every occasion. Our Custom Curation Team is here for you with an A+ customer service experience that’ll get your story written exactly as you want it told. We’re like the best ghost authors ever! We do all the work. You take all the credit.

Now it’s time to share your story with all the people you care about. And you can rest easy, knowing we’ll edit it to perfection. Gift like you mean it, and remember to always gift delightfully.

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